In this guide, we describe some possible reasons that might explain why Gmail has been so slow lately, and then we suggest possible fixes that you can try to solve this problem. Clear memory cache and cookies. In Chrome, go to the “Hosted App Data” panel, which belongs to the “Advanced” tab of the “Clear Browsing Data” option. Disable browser add-ons. Test Gmail in private (incognito) mode.

why is gmail so slow lately

Use The HTML Version Of Gmail

Because your own Gmail inbox may be reloading, you’ll see a “Download Basic HTML (for time-consuming logins)” link in the bottom right corner. Google understands that Gmail may not perform optimally: the longer your Gmail page takes to load, the more you’ll notice this option.

Why? Gmail Is So Slow

There are ways to make Gmail work slowly and efficiently, we list them all here. Please note that the reason Gmail is slow is usually related to all slow internet connections. The service may also run slowly due to a specific bug or malfunction of the Gmail servers. It has happened before and it is quite possible that it will happen again. You can check when Gmail servers are down here.

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Why Is Gmail So Slow?

There are ways to fixGmail’s slowness, and many of us will list them. here. Please note: I would say that the reason Gmail is slow might be due to a slow internet connection. It can also slow down due to a bug or malware on the Gmail side. This has happened before, so it is possible that this thought will happen again. You can check if Gmail is working here.

Speed ​​up Your Email With Just One Click With This App

CleanMyMac X is a fantastic Mac cleaner app that we came up with thanks to demonstrated several times its superior versatility and performance. This is even more convenient if you’re dealing with a very slow messaging app.

Turn Off Apps And Chrome Extensions That Most Users Don’t Need

Apps and extensions enabled on your Chrome might also consume a lot of resources if you are browsing your current web in Chrome. Try stopping apps and extensions that you no longer want to see if this issue persists. Here’s how:

why is gmail so slow lately

Part 1: Why Is My Chrome Browser So Slow?

Google Chrome has the lion’s share of the latest browser market. However, it is still error prone. Some people think that Chrome is slowly migrating to Mac. Sometimes it constantly freezes, crashes, or refuses to stream over the internet at all. Some users have noticed that practice pages no longer load in Google Chrome.

How To Uninstall/disable Chrome Extensions

When purchased wisely, extensions can be a great opportunity to add new Google features in your Chrome browser. However, some add-ons have been proven to quickly slow down Google Chrome or even hijack your searches.

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Common Reasons For Facebook Slowness

Be aware that Facebook relies heavily on JavaScript to function. This is the material that provides interactivity on websites. Although it is third party software, it is still used to open a number of websites such as Gmail, Instagram, WhatsApp and with it many others to move all website elements torx. What is happening now is that during the attempts javascript gets corrupted or corrupted and your computer system cannot process the files needed to run websites

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