Today’s guide has been written to help you when you’re getting the “microsoft Edge home page is not working” error code.

Go to Start tab > Open Task Manager > Disable all unnecessary services. Restart your computer. If the above methods didn’t work, you can reinstall Edge Chromium 89 ones.0.

Don’t like your Microsoft Edge home page Worried? No. In fact, you can change whatever they want, for example, and you can even set different home pages if they want to. In this article, I’ll show you exactly how (and more) to do that.

In this post, I talked about web search with Google and Bing in Microsoft Edge. And I also talked a little about the icons for launching Edge microsoft. Here I want to focus on what exactly you will see when you launch Microsoft Edge.

The information you see on the Microsoft Edge startup screen is the default Microsoft Edge start page, in other words, what Microsoft designed it to be. Well, you can completely agree with this, but I noticed that in most cases, some people prefer a different Microsoft Edge home page.

Change Ezah=”250″ Your Microsoft Edge Homepage

How do I get my homepage back on Microsoft Edge?

Open Microsoft Edge, select”Settings” in addition to “Advanced” > “Settings”.Select Appearance.Activate the “Show House” button.You can either create a new tab or enter the URL of the selected page to use as your home page.

So, if you’re happy with your Microsoft Start Blog site when you launch Edge, check it out, it’s easy to make changes below.

In essence, how to edit the Microsoft Edge build start page can be summarized in one paragraph.

How Microsoft changed your Edge homepage (more tips below):

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Press the three dots in the upper right corner of the Edge Showcase screen and select Settings. Then click on the big “Settings part of the launch” and basically on “Open one or more specific pages”. Now click “Add Recently Found Page” and enter the URL of this page that you want to use as your Microsoft Edge support homepage.

Prefer a more detailed explanation with all the screenshots? confidence! For Let’s see in full.

First, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the And edge window and set the settings.

Then, in the Microsoft Edge settings screen, select the On Startup option. Press

Now “Open a specific website page or page” and a requiredclick the “Add new page” button.

A small tab will appear with a new item “Add Page ID”. Where it says “Enter a URL”, enter below the specific URL of the page you want to set as your Microsoft Edge page in the beginning. In the example below, I’ve entered, often because it’s convenient for customers to be able to search Google directly from their Microsoft Edge home page.

Your new homepage is now displayed in the “Open a specific page or sometimes pages” section of the Edge launch settings.

If necessary, you can repeat these precautions if you want to customize multiple initial Microsoft border pages. Any pages you create as homepages will appear when someone launches Microsoft Edge on their computer, viewing each tab individually.

When you’re ready to customize your main Microsoft Edge pages, you can simply go to the Settings tab.

Set Long And Complex Web Addressesas Homepage

What if you’re surfing the web and you land on the perfect page you want to set as your home page, but the web address is usually very long and hard to remember in my opinion? It’s inconvenient to type long and complicated web addresses into all the “custom” fields of the Microsoft World Wide Web launch options.

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As an example of Ezah=”250″ take CNN’s money page, where you can follow Apple’s For cnn stock price forecast. In some of the images below, you can see that the URL for this regular page is slightly longer. Rest assured that some large web addresses are longer, much more complex, but let’s take this as an example.

If you probably want to change Microsoft Edge, go to your web site settings in thisside, it’s faster to use the duplicated command, for this use the rest of the mouseand click anywhere on a specific web address in the Edge sort bar.

You can now use your mouse and right-click anywhere on the theme of the selected A blue web address, i.e. select “Copy”.

You then follow the same steps as above and change the launch options in the Microsoft Edge section, except for the path where you enter the network address. So

microsoft edge start page not working

Instead of entering a web address, you can now right-click in the Enter New URL field and select Paste to enter a long web address.

This should set your Microsoft Edge homepage to be your best bet. Ezah=”250″

Pin Specific Websites To The Start Menu

An alternative to setting a particular great web page as your landing page is to create a shortcut to the control panel if you want to open it with a single click.

Returning to the CNN forecast stock page example above. If you’re showing this page to others and want to create a shortcut on the Start menu, click the three-dot menu in the top right corner of Microsoft Edge and select More Tools. Then choose to “Pin Launcher”.

Sometimes a country-specific shortcut appears in the current Windows Start Menu Wen.

It will most likely appear at the bottom of the start menu, which means you may have to scroll a bit to get to it. Please see my article How to Create a Windows 10 Start Menu if you want to learn more about how to customize the Windows 10 Start Menu.

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microsoft edge start page not working

Besides, if you’re more interested in creating a desktop shortcut for a specific webpage than an awesome start menu shortcut, you should read my article on desktop shortcuts for Microsoft Edge computers.

p >

There’s also my other article, About Preparing Your Microsoft Edge Site Home Page, which has some additional tips for customizing your site’s home page. Feel free to follow the link above to make sure you read the article; it contains an up-to-date link so you can be directed here.

Why is edge not opening to my home page?

Clear browser and reload files (including history if any) and reload Edge. An app or program that someone recently downloaded might be causing problems. Run the Windows Apps Troubleshooter or try uninstalling recently purchased apps.

How do I set my start page in edge?

In Microsoft Edge, select Settings > Advanced Settings, then scroll down to Set Home.Select a specific page from the drop-down menu, enter the desired home page, click and Save.cache

When Edge open these pages not working?

If you still have a specific issue, try resetting Microsoft Edge browser settings and then re-apply culture settings. If you’re between the Microsoft-recommended Edge settings or your custom themes, make sure Rustic Lanterns has your custom settings.

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