This article has been created to help you when you receive an iPhone not displaying files error code.

On your primary iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you can download the Files app. Don’t see the blue Files app icon on your current home screen? Just swipe down and you should be looking for the Files app.Generally, in the Files app, find or search for the file you want.

how to view files iphone

IPhone 3GS Files On Mac:

In this issue, the above steps also work on Mac, but Apple describes the process in a simpler and faster way. Almost all you have to do is turn on iCloud Connect on your Mac and iPhone, and then you can access your synced statistics in your Mac’s native apps. Here are the steps.

how to view files iphone

Method 1: Use Apple To View IPhone Files On PC/Mac

iTunes works to connect your iPhone, iPad 3GS or iPod to your synced computer. With it, you can access your music, movies, books, voice memos, audiobooks and more on your iPhone from PC or Mac. But you don’t need to manage your files.

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Because You Often Use The Files App On Your IPhone, It Might Be An IPad

The Files app replaced the main iCloud Drive in iOS 11. , and h That’s different again. In the iCloud Drive app, “Files” doesn’t have a dedicated toggle to hide or show them, and it appears to work on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 11 or later at no charge. If you want to get rid of it, you can simply uninstall the app and restore it from time to time by downloading it from the App Store.

Part 1: Access New IPhone4 Files On PC With ITunes

iTunes file sharing feature can help your company to sync some application documents between iPhone and PC. However, please note that not all applications support file sharing. Also, songs, photos, and videos to the new iPhone cannot be transferred via file sharing.

Access IPhone Files On Mac By AnyTrans

Using the usual methods, you can use only the preferred view file. types on Mac. Mostly photos, comments, videos, calendar entries, etc. None of these methods allow a person to access system files on iPhone, which is something you sometimes need to do.

< h2>Access files on Mac with the latest iPhone

MacOS Sierra With the update, you can transfer all the files on your desktop and Documents folder on your Mac to iCloud Drive. This means that virtually any file or photo that is on your Mac desktop, as well as in your Documents folder, can be easily accessed from your iPhone or iPad.

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Just Like You On Really. PC?

Apple’s iCloud is cloud storage, a solution similar to Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. With it, you can access and have the means to access your photos, videos, documents, notes i.e. contacts, all in one and on all your devices.

Method 1. Use Syncios Mobile Manager To Access Smartphone Files On PC

If you are an iTunes user or iCloud heavy user, or you can’t access some iOS files on PC via iTunes and iCloud, Syncios Mobile Manager is definitely the best product for that . It can allow your business to access almost all iPhone archives including music, messages, photos, videos and therefore folder files on your PC and transfer them between your valuable iPhone and PC.

File Accessm Phone

iBrowse is a simple application that allows your Mac or PC to access the file system of an iOS device. Simply connect your device to your technology and you can read and create media files, applications and device root* directories. * Root directory access requires jailbroken device with AFC2Add.

How To Find And Use The Files App

When you’re in the Files app, many files open in quick view when you click on them. If you are planning to open the file when it comes to application:


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