You should check out these repair tips to learn how to prevent scratches on your Nintendo Switch dock screen. 1 Do not scratch the docking station. Be careful. Lift the console straight up when undocking. Do not shake the console. screensaver. Add a parent screen. Nintendo licenses its own blank film. Felt around the front of the dock. If you’re still worried and don’t want to spend money on a screen protector, you can use a very soft cloth.

Nintendo Switch Front: Our Favorite Screen Protector Socks

SolidSleeves for Etsy offers some very simple options like your photographic Joy-Con.

Nintendo Switch Bent Dock Nintendo Test

Many fans claim that the dock doesn’t have scratched switches because they weren’t designed for them, and in 2017, Nintendo said it was skeptical of docks with scratched screens. Either way, and then there’s an easy way to spot it.

Basically, Installing A Dock Won’t Scratch Your Favorite Nintendo Switch Screen…

. ..if your whole family is a meticulous person. The design of the machine dock ensures that a certain space is no longer “cramped”. So when this is attached, there will be a tren on the and scratches. So if you carefully place your device in the dock and scan the house vertically from top to bottom, it probably won’t interfere with the Nintendo Switch screen.

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The Nintendo Switch Screen Protector Is Only Necessary

The screen of the Nintendo Switch is made of glued plastic, which makes it very susceptible to scratches, scuffs and other damage. The choice of a Nintendo parental screen switch (and preferably a reinforced windshield type) is essential to make it look its best. Spigen’s tempered glass display is one of our favorites because it’s easy to install and looks just like the standard Switch display.

Suggerimenti Di Riparazione Per Evitare Che Il Nintendo Switch Dock Si Graffi Sullo Schermo
Reparationsförslag För Att Förhindra Att Nintendo Switch Dock Repar Din Skärm
Sugestie Naprawy, Aby Zapobiec Zarysowaniu Ekranu Nintendo Switch Dock
Sugerencias De Reparación Para Evitar Que Nintendo Switch Dock Arañe La Pantalla
Suggestions De Réparation Pour Empêcher La Station D’accueil Nintendo Switch De Rayer Votre écran
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Sugestões De Reparo Para Evitar Que O Nintendo Switch Dock Arranhe Sua Tela
Reparaturvorschläge, Um Zu Verhindern, Dass Das Nintendo Switch Dock Ihren Bildschirm Zerkratzt