If you know how to access an unrecognized USB drive on your PC, this blog post should help you. #1) Restart your computer.#2) Update computers.Tenorshare 4DDiG.#3) Change the USB Root Hub settings.#4) Update the USB driver.#5) Check and change ports.#6) Change your USB Selective Suspend settings.#7) Format the drive.

How do I access an unrecognized USB drive?

This article provides ways to fix the “USB device not found” error that occurs when you try to access an external USB drive.

How To Recover Data From An Unrecognized USB Drive

Even if your USB drive doesn’tIf Windows doesn’t appear in File Explorer, your good computer can still register the software. In fact, as long as it is visible in Disk Management and indicates the correct size, you will be able to recover data from a better flash drive that is not recognized. If it is not visible in Disk Management, try making it readable first.


The USB flash drive may be unknown for various reasons. This article will show you how to solve the problem when the displayed drive is flashing but not popular, and help you recover data created from an unrecognized drive with professional any data recovery software.

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Why Is The USB Stick Not Showing Up? The Most Common Errors And Possible Solutions For MacOS And Windows

As is often the case when using different device components, there can be many reasons why your USB change n is not recognized. For example, our fault may lie in the flash drive itself, as well as in the counter that you used to link external information and facts. to the media.

Search Icon New Hardware

Find the Found New Hardware icon in the taskbar after your system. If not, restart the program and check for the icon more often. If it’s still not there, move the drive to another computer and see if it works there.

how to access a usb drive that is not recognized

First Aid Methods:

As a rule, a simple reboot solves many problems, including including this flash drive. drive that is not public. Unplug your USB drive, shut down your computer somewhere, then unplug all power cords as modern computer power supplies are not completely sealed so the motherboard is still powered.

How do you fix a flash drive that Cannot be detected?

This can be caused by various reasons such as a corrupted or dead USB drive, outdated software and drivers, partition issues, incorrect file system, and hardware conflicts. Other causes such as faulty PC hardware, faulty system controller or USB ports require professional assistance from the device manufacturer or a certified computer technician.

How do I force a USB to recognize?

If your USB device doesn’t show up in Device Manager, Windows hasn’t detected anyone’s hardware. To resolve this issue, add the following steps:

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