In this blog post, we will describe some possible reasons that might prevent hibernate from initializing the proxy session, and then I will provide possible solutions that you can try to solve this problem.

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hibernate could not initialize proxy no session

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Use case: Try to read data from a database with a DTO projection.

public class HibernateTemplate static public {object loadObject(Class Serializable cls, s)    object o lakezero; Transaction starts, tx equals zero;    Experiment with        session session = HibernateUtil.getSessionFactory().openSession();        = tx session.beginTransaction();        o is session.load(cls, /*change s); commission to receive*/       transactional commit();      Session.close();    accepted (exception e)       e. print stack trace();     ABOUT;
public feedback loop [email protected]@GeneratedValue(Strategy = GenerationType.IDENTITY)@Column (name implies "ID")private client identifier int;@column(name = personal "name")the string means the name of the client;@Column(Name "City")private channel of the city;//constructors; setters and getters
CustomerDAO public interface        Lose CustomerTO getCustomerById(int cid);     
public class CustomerTO {private client identifier int;private string client_name;private channel of the city;//Constructors, setters and getters
public class DAOFactory {static CustomerDAO customerDAO;static    customerDAO = new HibernateCustomerDAO();public error CustomerDAO getCustomerDAO()    visit the DAO client;

public class HibernateCustomerDAO implementcustomerDAO {@Crushpublic CustomerTO(int getCustomerById cid)    Is client equal to (client) HibernateTemplate.loadObject(Customer.class, cid);   Cto customerto = new Customerto(cust.getCustomerId(), cust.getCustomerName(), cust.getCity());    back who;
CustomerDAO means DAOFactory cdao.getCustomerDAO();CustomerTO c1 = cdao.getCustomerById(2);System.out.println("CustomerName -> ins + c1.getCustomerName() + " -> ,customercity + " c1.getCity());

Hibernate: Specify customer0_.Id as Id1_0_0_, customer0_.City as City2_0_0_, customer0_.From name as name3_0_0_ CustomerLab31 customer0_ at customer0_ which.Id= ?

If the public follows the Hibernate pattern, then you know that Hibernate is a key feature set

“lazy initialization”

that allows situations to lazily dependencies, initialize relationships or just associations from the database in question with the database as needed. if for example you are dealing with


A user object can now have multiple permissions, then Hibernate can choose not to initialize the collection, which in turn stores all the permissions at once, typically initializes the user object, and returns the proxy object in place.

At this point, if you end the session and the email violates the access attribute of the authorization object, you will get “org.hibernate.LazyInitializationException: Failed to initialize – proxy terminate its session in sleep mode”.

Why this included error is because hibernate needs to go to the datasource to initialize the proxy object and the connection is already closed. If you remember what we discussed next

Difference between receiving and charging at restThe

is that the proxy object is permanently initialized in Hibernate only when accessing a different attribute than mine, so you’ll just see


In this article, we will see all the different scripts you can get

“org can.hibernate.LazyInitializationException: Could not be initialized – proxy server is not in sleep mode”

I tried to show the reasons that caused the error, the actual one and the solution that explains how to get it to work again, but if you still have problems post them here.

By the way, a good understanding of lazy initialization is also

Xgood question about maintaining hibernationThus,

helps not only to fix this error, but also to create a good maintenance program.

And if you really want to improve the efficiency of your And jpa hibernation, I encourage you to follow them as well

Best and Hibernate – Online JPA Course

. In this list, I have shared the best online groups to learn Hibernate and JPA for new and experienced developers.

1) The Code Is Trying To Access A Residence Or Lazily Initialized Collection, Session A Is Not Available For Security Reasons.

LazyInitializationException: Failed to initialize proxy”

to be. To find an excuse, you must carefully study your rule. Here is an example if you want to understand how to buy lazy initialization of exceptions in Hibernate:

hibernate could not initialize proxy no session

Session s is equal to Sessions to.openSession();Transaction tx = s.E begintransaction();Employee equals (Employee) s.createQuery("from Employee e, where")                         .setString("empName", eName).uniqueResult();List of roles = u.getRoles();transaction.commit();c.close();The string role implies roles.// get(0); This line can generateerrors


Soluzioni Per La Pulizia Dell’ibernazione Impossibile Inizializzare Il Proxy, Non Il Problema Del Ciclo
Bereinigungsschritte Im Ruhezustand Proxy Konnte Nicht Initialisiert Werden, Kein Trainingsproblem
Steg För återställning Av Viloläge Det Gick Inte Att Initiera Proxy, Inte Ditt Sessionsproblem
Étapes De Maintien De L’hibernation Échec De L’initialisation Des Proxys, Pas De Problème De Session
Kroki Czyszczenia Hibernacji Nie Powiodły Się, Aby Zainicjować Serwer Proxy, A Nie Problem Z Samouczkiem
Stappen Voor Het Herstellen Van De Slaapstand Kon Proxy Niet Initialiseren, Geen Sessieprobleem Meer
Etapas De Limpeza Da Hibernação Falha Ao Inicializar O Proxy, Não Problema De Agendamento
Estrategias De Limpieza De Hibernación Error Al Inicializar El Proxy, No Es Problema Del Taller

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