If you see a dbase 3 data file, this user guide will help you. dbf consists of the main header records, and all end-of-file markers. The header contains relevant information about the file, such as the current number of records and the number of field types used for the records. The records contain specific factual data. The end of all files is marked with a separate byte with the value 0x1A.

dbase 3 data file


Spreadsheet File 1.1 Headlines

Description Color=”#000000″



1 bytes
Really dBASE for Windows tabular data, bits 0-2 number indicates version: different for dBASE Level 5, En 4 thanks to dBASE level 7.

bit Bits 9 and 7 do not indicate the presence associated with the dBASE IV or dBASE over Windows reminder. Files; points 4-6 indicate the presence of Better dBASE IV SQL table; Bit indicates the presence of any .Memo dbt files (either of the dBASE III PLUS type or of a specific dBASE dBASE iv with Windows memo file) for.




3 bytes


Date due to the latest update; in YYMMDD format. Each byte contains a corresponding number that you are just binary. YY is added directly to base 1900 in decimal form to find the real number Year. So YY has possible values ​​from 0x00-0xFF, allowing Range is 1900 to 2155. Color=”#000000″


serif” Color=”#000000″

32-bit number


Number records in the current table. (Least significant byte first. ) 8–9 16 bit number Sans serif number” bytes in each of our headers (withstart least significant byte). 10-11 16 bit number Number bytes in our data set (least significant byte first). 12–13 2 bytes Reserved; with serifs” is padded with zeros. 14 1 serif byte flag indicates an incomplete DBASE transaction IV. 15 1 bytes dBASE Cipher Flag Shield IV. 16–27 12 bytes Reserved for multiplayer processing. 28


1 bytes Production MDX indicator; 0x01 if a manual production .mdx file exists for this table; 0x00 if No .MDX file. 29 1 bytes language Driver ID. 30–31 2 bytes Reserved; covered with zeros.

Does anyone still use dBASE?

Current Location: dBASE was first sold in 1999, and its flagship new product, DataBased Intelligence, continues to be sold to this day. (It is now defined as dBASE Plus, as IV if dBASE never existed.) The firmrrrs newsgroups are not active, surprisingly indicating that legitimate people are stillothers use dBASE, so you can do real work.

Is dBASE obsolete?

dBase is deprecated, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it anymore. As others have suggested, things resembling sqlite are a much better medium.

How do I use a dBASE file?

Select “External Data”, select “Collective Data” “Import and Link More”, then point to the dBASE file.In the Get External Database Data File dialog box, select the Browse option.In the File dialog box, navigate to the dBASE file and then select Open.

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