• How To Deal With PDF Creation On Phone?
    Hope this user guide will help you if you have seen how to create PDF on your phone. Open the new Google Drive app.Click “Add” in the lower right corner.Click Scan.Take a photo of the data you want to scan. Setting the diagnostic area. Tap Crop . Take the opportunity again: click “Rescan the current blog page.” Scanning another page. Tap Add .To save the completed document, click Finish. Can you write a PDF on your phone? Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world. Perhaps unsurprisingly, most people on the go make good use of PDFs […]
  • PS4 Troubleshooting Tips For Faster Downloads
    Here are a few simple steps that should help you fix PS4 fast loading issue. Download one at a time: Avoid downloading multiple items at the same time. Do not play online while loading: this can slow down both your game and loading. Pause and Resume: If your download is stuck at a certain percentage, try pausing your download and resuming it to see if that solves the problem. Does PS4 download faster in rest mode? We also answer some frequently asked questions about Rest Mode, such as whether free games load faster in Rest Mode and how long your […]
  • Best Way To Fix Short Note On CPU
    Over the past few weeks, several readers have let us know that they have made brief comments about the processor. The computer’s central GPS (CPU) is part of a trusted computer that retrieves and executes work instructions. The CPU is essentially the intelligence of the CAD system. It consists of an arithmetic-logic area (ALU), a control unit and a number of registers. The central processing unit is often referred to as the processor. What is CPU short answer? central processing unit (CPU), the main part of any digital personnel management system, usually consisting of the predominant memory, control unit and […]
  • Windows Keyboard Layout Troubleshooting Tips
    If you have a windows keyboard layout, this user guide should help. Open Microsoft Power Toys, so select “Keyboard Manager” in the sidebar, then select “Remap Shortcut”. Select the plus sign (+) below the link. Select the key you want to remap from the keyboard shortcut drop-down menu, or select Type and set a keyboard shortcut. In the Mapped to section, select the new button and it can be a shortcut. Can you change keyboard mapping? Swipe in from the right edge of any screen, tap Settings, then tap Change PC settings. (If you’re using a mouse, hover over each […]
  • Best Way To Fix Luna And Stella Discount Code
    In this article, we will discover some possible causes that might cause the luna and Stella discount code to work, and then I will give possible fixes with which you can try to get rid of this problem. Rakuten. Rakuten, formerly known as Ebates, is one of the best coupon sites that also offers cashback.Ibota. Ibotta is often a coupon and cashback app that is an easy way to save money, especially when it comes to grocery shopping.Swag Bucks.Be frugal.Let’s group up.Amazon vouchers.Coupons.com.RetailMeNot. Where Can I Find Luna & Stella Coupons? Luna & Stella offers coupons and promo codes, and […]
  • How To Fix Among Us Host Settings Change Error
    This user guide will help you if you notice that we are changing host settings. Can you change the settings between us during the game? No, you cannot change the settings for Among Us in-game. You can only access the game settings menu in the lobby if you are hosting a poker game. If you find that your changes do not work the way you want, you will have to wait and start a new game by opening a special menu. How To Change Us In Settings Players can change a lot of settings related to us. Avatar customization options, […]
  • Steps To Fix Spotify Premium Alternatives
    Hope this guide helps you if you have alternatives to Spotify Premium. Amazon Music. Amazon Music. Along with Apple Music and Google’s YouTube Music, Amazon Music is one of the most famous services outside of Spotify.Apple Music Apple Music Image: Apple.dezer dezerPandora. Pandora.The tide. The tide.Kobuz. Qobuz image: Qobux.youtube music. youtube music. What app is like Spotify premium but free? While Spotify is expected to reach No. 178 in the world by the end of 2021, there are still some restrictions that put people off looking for free music streaming services. These restrictions include the inability to mix music, unlimited […]
  • Various Ways To Repair Huawei Mobile WiFi Modem
    Here are some easy ways to help you solve the huawei Mobile WiFi modem issue. HUAWEI Mobile WiFi 3s can connect up to 8 Wi-Fi 3 devices, allowing you to share and enjoy your time with friends and family online. What’s more, you can use your mobile device, tablet and other Wi-Fi devices at the same time. HUAWEI AI Life App5Easy Home Network Management Device Management Can I use any SIM in Huawei Mobile WiFi? Huawei is the new leader in modems and WiFi sectional devices. In fact, your carrier-branded pocket Wi-Fi is the closest you can get to a […]
  • How To Decide If Alexa Can Play Music From YouTube
    Today’s user guide is designed to help you when you get the “can Alexa play music on YouTube” error message. Activate Bluetooth on all connected devices. Say “Alexa, connect from my phone” or whatever device you’re using. Follow the instructions to pair your Echo with your smartphone. Open the YouTube app on your device (or your device’s web browser) and play any music or anything you want to watch on YouTube. Connect To YouTube Music From Your Phone Via Bluetooth It can be annoying, but the only way to play music from your Echo via YouTube Music is to connect […]
  • Troubleshooting And Fixing Bluetooth Fix For Windows 81
    Here are a few simple steps to help you solve the windows 81 Bluetooth restore problem. Press Windows + R to open the Run command.Type devmgmt.msc and press Enter.In the exact Device Manager window, click on “Network adapters” and expand it.Locate the Bluetooth Bluetooth network.Right click on it and go to the Power Management tab. Turn Bluetooth On And Off In Windows 8.1 To disable it in Windows 8, go to PC Settings > PC in addition to Devices > Bluetooth. Or you can also press the Windows key and search on the start screen and select the Bluetooth settings […]
  • How Can I Decide What My BT Email Address Is?
    Over the past few days, some users have encountered a known error message using my BT email address. This issue occurs due to a number of factors. We will review them below. Your BT email address (including your username) will end in @btinternet.com, @btopenworld.com or @talk21.com. If you have forgotten your email address, you can find it on the BT email management page in My BT. How do I access My BT email account? If you register through My BT, you will have access to all of your BT email addresses. Therefore, if you are sure that you have several […]
  • An Easy Way To Restore Thinkpad Recovery USB
    If you receive a thinkpad Recovery USB error message, today’s user guide will help you. Description. Recovery media is a DVD or USB media that contains a backup associated with the original factory state of the primary computer configured by Lenovo in addition to the user’s PC system. With Recovery Media, you can reformat the drive, reinstall the operating system, and restore it to Lenovo’s native factory state. Steps For Creating A Lenovo Recovery USB Drive Creating a recovery hard drive for a Lenovo laptop is very easy. In fact, Lenovo offers a special lightweight proprietary software called Digital Download […]
  • How To Fix Home Search Not Working?
    Sometimes your computer may show an error that the search is not working. There can be several reasons for this problem. Select Start, then Settings. In Windows Settings, select Update & Security > Troubleshoot. Under the Troubleshoot other issues section, select Search for indexing. Run the troubleshooter and prioritize related issues. Why is my start search not working? Searching the Windows Start menu was very easy—tiles and Cortana didn’t stop you from browsing your computer looking for the files you were looking for. Things were a little confusing on Windows 10, but recent updates have removed requirements like Cortana from […]
  • How To Fix Avast Free Deactivation Pop-ups
    Over the past week, some of our users have experienced a known issue with avast Free opt-out pop-ups. This problem can occur for many reasons. Let’s discuss this below. Open Avast Antivirus and go to ☰ Menu ▸ Settings.Choose General ▸ Notifications.Check these boxes next to Use silent mode and turn off all pop-ups, notifications, and messages. How do I Turn Off pop-ups in Avast? To disable all pop-up ads: 1 Open the Avast user software and go to ☰ Menu ▸ Settings. 2 Make sure the General tile is selected, then click Notifications. 3 Select the Use silent mode […]
  • How To Fix Internet Explorer 8, Reinstall Windows 7
    If you’re getting an internet Explorer 8 error code when reinstalling Windows 7, this article is here to help. Reinstall or repair Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 10 by resetting IE settings. Open Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9. Select Tools -> Internet Options. Click the Advanced tab and then click the Reset button. The information will be reset. Click “Reset” to continue. The reset will continue. After resetting all settings, you must restart Internet Explorer. After How do I install Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7? These PCs had Internet Explorer 8 installed as a worker.I have Windows 7.Then, […]
  • What Causes YouTube Grabber Free Online And How To Fix It
    In some cases, your system may display an error code that youtube Grabber is available for free on the Internet. There can be many reasons for this error to occur. Video Sensor There are so many videos on the Internet today that there comes a time when you want to download videos to your computer in addition to your phone so that later you can watch your kids offline or share them with others. This is where web video downloaders come in handy as they allow you to download footage from a number of websites. Video Grabber Video Grabber is […]
  • The Best Way To Fix The Disable Key
    In this blog post, we will describe some of the possible reasons that can cause the deactivation key to work, and then I will suggest several possible ways to get rid of this problem. Old versions. Advertising. Simple Disable Key is an interesting application that often allows you to disable the function created by any key on your computer, or even activate permanent “Num Lock”, “Caps Lock” or “Scroll Lock”. Can I disable a key on my keyboard? So, you have a real key on your Windows keyboard that you think has nothing to do with you anymore, but sometimes […]
  • Various Ways To Repair Android Platform Tools For Windows
    Today’s guide is written to help you when you receive an android Platform Tools for Windows error code. The Android SDK Platform Tools is part of the Android SDK. It will include tools related to the android platform, mainly adb and fastboot. Although adb is required for android app development, app developers just use copied studio settings. How install Android SDK tools on Windows? Developing Android apps with RAD Studio requires you to install Android development approaches on your development system. In addition, to create mobile software for the Android target platform, any user needs to add the Android SDK […]
  • USB 3 Issues Should Be Fixed
    In some cases, your computer may show USB error code 3. There can be several reasons for this problem to occur. What is USB 3.0? USB 3.0 (also known as USB 3) is the latest generation of USB connectors. The main difference between USB versions is their transfer rate (speed) and the number of connector pins they have. USB 3.0 ports have 9 pins and even feature transfer rates of five Gb/s, while versions 3.1 have ten Gb/s. More About USB 3.3 The first Microsoft operating system toadded native support for this USB drive to the standard was Windows 8. […]
  • Aztech Dsl5001en Firmware Update Easy Repair Solution
    If you have received the aztech dsl5001en firmware update, the following guide will help you. Device Driver Updates Aztech DSL5001EN devices are vulnerable to infected and outdated device drivers. Device drivers can malfunction without causing data loss. You have nothing to worry about as you can update your current ADSL modem drivers in advance. Firmware Update In the tree menu on the left, select “Management > Firmware Update” and select the unzipped file downloaded in step 0. p> 5.Create A Port Forwarding Rule On Someone’s Aztech DSL5001EN A router Perform the following steps (steps may vary slightly depending on the […]